Some people going to like
Some people going to hate
Just seperate the two and you’ll be just fine
Its alright if everyone doesn’t like you all the time
Create a meaningful respectful and helpful estate
Make friendships that have no curfew and can stay out late

Later lamer
Lamest of the lame
Latest lesson learned
Looked upon an’ heard
Listen to these words

You are no longer a friend of mine
I said in a rhyme

But have a great life
Because I am still kind of nice
And who needs the strife

Time to focus on the friends that matter again
Friendships that will last till the end my friend


A mothers love lost.

It’s been only a few years since I lost my mom
And I still get sad when I think she’s gone
will never see anything I become
If I ever have kids, and fall in love
That’s an experience to her I can never share
The feeling swells up and it’s kind of scary
Keep my emotions still, nice and steady
Must continue to move can’t keep staring
when she was alive I felt like I lost her already
The vastness of it all was to much for her to bare
So she would turn her back to me with out a care
so long I would hold in the hate
Was that her destiny could this be my fate
I sit back think and try to relate
I was raised in a house that was never much a home
Always alone
Your drug of choice was the loneliness you make
It was much more devastating then anything you would take
it’s no wonder I swim in this lake so distant
If I drown will that alter my state must resist it
Rise from this lake Reborn a new
Remeber not for me then for who
Rise some more for today I start over
Restart all my luck with this little clover


I sit back and let my heart roam
My brain says no but when alone
Looks the feeling wins out.
I have no doubt, it’s the right choice to make
If ignoring my Brian is what it takes
I know we all make some mistakes
But remembering the past leads to heart break.
Makes my heart ache
You ripped out my heart put it on a plate, heart cake.
I denied it, but you had a fork, Heart ate.

We were threw. It took a awhile ,But now my hearts new.
It grew back from that prison like zoo It’s fortified stronger than a panda gnawing bamboo.
I should have seen the signs read between the lines,
Like our library books, we we’re past due.
And that fact I had to tip toe pass. Makes me happy you tossed me on my ass like a rusty screw.
But on cold nights I miss your feel
I almost call, but not with nerves of steel
And now my heart can begin to heal.

Childs Love.

I still think of you often

Losing you was the worse kind of pain
Only you could make it soften
Viscosity of these tears like rain
Eyes swell up and turn red

Your silhouette still lingers in my head
Over and over ask myself why
Unacquainted with these feelings of bye

Must keep marching only looking ahead
One day at a time you often said
Mom I will miss you until the end


Some people go through life with out any luck

That just might seem a little messed up

But sometimes you just have to give a fuck

If life seems to ruff just stand up and bluff

Regardless if you think you have a half full cup

Just be thankful that might be enough

You don’t have to be like a volcano try and remain calm

All this negativity burns through you like napalm

You have to realize most this shit is a crap shoot.

And that most mother fuckers like to ramble.

Because life feels like its nothing more than a gamble.

Night Out

Lets reminisce
Try and remember this.

Those days will be missed
Its more a remembrance
Which got me to thinkin
About theĀ  time me and Steve went drinkin

Out Speakin to all the girls that we were meetin

Spent Lincolns to much deniro we were freakin

My heart beatin I knew that this time was fleatin

That I had to get out start sneakin

for Steve couldnt take his eyes off not blinkin

Which meant I scored the girl who needed a breathment

And an attitude adjustment

I will never forget

How much her breath was reekin

Make your eyes cry worse than an onion from the stinkin

But I stuck it out because I am a true friend

But thank god dragons breath wasn’t

She didn’t hang until the end

Steve and Karren were sittin there coversin and sharin

Time flying by but they wernt carein

He was transfixed perplexed she had him vexed.

To me I went to bars looking for sex.

But Steve went there always hoping to find his next

Which a lot of times would become his ex

he has too high standards and they cant meet his specs

But there was a twinkle in his eye as he’s starein

This might be the girl to make his life less barrin

And later that night he told me Karren is the women I’m a marryin

Poet? I wrote it

I try and write a poem but its hard to do

Thinking of quittng before I am halfway through

Which pattern should I choose
A, A, B, B, or maybe a Haiku

What is a haiku
It is a five seven five
That doesn’t need rhyme

But where I get lost is in a metaphorical line

I Rather cut through all the bullshit, and come straight through the door.

Far too many people try and sound like the guy who quoth the raven nevermore.

Once upon a midnight dreaming

while I sat here nearly screaming

sundenly I felt my feet a tapping

A tapping while I wrote some more.

But alas, I confess for this is not for you

Nonetheless it keeps away the stress

So I keep writing

for this poetry is delighting

So thats just what I’ll do

Maybe one day I’ll be good enough to digest

But make sure you thoroughly chew